Valentines trip to Vejle


I hope you had a nice Valentines day! I hope that you felt loved from yourselves, your family, other halfs and your friends! 🙂

This year me with my love decided to spend all day together exploring new places, eating some good food and enjoying each others company..

So we made our trip to beautiful city in Denmark – Vejle.

In the morning we woke up early, ate some fresh strawberries and went out for adventure! We started with very lovely place  – Nørreskoven Forest and Dyrehaven deer park. We got to feed those cute, little deers with carrots. They loved us! 😀 I definitely recommend to visit this place, because there is no entrance fee, you can go in the park by foot or just drive through and enjoy beautiful view to Vejle fjord and those graceful animals.

Our next stop was city center, where we went for another walk, found small shop where to buy Latvian goodies, such as “Laima” zephyrs –  oh yes! They are so good! After our cold walk, we went for a quick snack and later we went to cinema to watch “Fifty Shades darker” – very typical thing to do on Valentines day. It was nice, our first cinema experience in other country.

In the afternoon we went to small cafe in Vejles old town – Cafe Deli. It was beautiful, with colorful interior, and very cozy. There we went for cappuccinos and we shared one piece chocolate cake, oh, it was such a treat! I really enjoyed it.

In the evening, when we went back home, we decided that we could go for yoga class, and it was perfect ending to this beautiful day together.

I’m so thankful to have this opportunity to live in Denmark and enjoy what this beautiful place offers us. And I’m so happy that I can share everything with my love. 🙂

Thank you for reading!

Lots of Love,

Linda xx


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