Fully Raw – Vegan Reset day 6 – stop


So here is what happened on day 6..

In the morning we started as usual, drunk our smoothies, later had our snack, lunch and so on until dinner time when I said – stop, this is enough for me. No more raw meals for me today. I decided to switch from fully raw to vegan options, because I didn’t have power that I needed and I wanted to have, and I missed cooked meals as well.

This experience was really nice, but wasn’t working for me at the moment. I work too hard at my job, running around for few hours every work day. And I like my new workout routine as well, and I didn’t have enough power to go to gym when I wanted. I workout 3-5 days in week, and sometimes I attend double classes, so this was way too much for me. I started to feel too stressed out about my eating and missing the gym, and not having power to do what I would like, so I knew I just have to start eating something more than fresh veggies and fruit.

This Fully Raw- Vegan reset was the thing that I really needed to detox my body, stop my previous food cycle, and to start out fresh, eat healthier, control my portion sizes and snacking after meals.

I must say that it costed at least two times more as our usual meals per 10 days, so it is better to do this when you have fruit and veggie season, not in the winter. I don’t think that being healthy has to cost so much, there are plenty of other options how and what to eat, you just have to try many things and figure out for yourself when do you feel the best, and what works for your needs and goals. 🙂

I definitely recommend to try out Fully Raw eating plan, just to try out how it makes you feel, what changes it makes to your body and mind. If you live in colder climate zone, I would suggest to try something like this in summer time, when it’s hot outside and you won’t miss cooked meals at all. 🙂


From now we will continue with our breakfast smoothies and fresh fruits and veggies, mixed with cooked and a bit different meals. Recipes coming up soon as well!

Thank you for reading!

Lots of Love,

Linda xx


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