FullyRaw – Vegan Reset Days 3,4,5

Oh, Hey!

Haven’t been able to write about my experience and progress because of work, food shopping and lazy movie nights. But now I’m on it! 🙂

So.. Day 3 was weird, I felt kind of bad in the morning because my face and skin was hurting from all the breakouts. All red, achy, itchy and overall yikes!! But I knew that my Detox was working! All the toxins were leaving my dear body, and I was helping it with drinking lots of water. Before going to bed I mixed apple cider vinegar with water 1:2 proportions and cleaned my face with the mixture. It has weird smell, but it fades as vinegar dries. And after I added my night cream as usual and it felt really refreshing. I definitely recommend to try this, if you have problems with your skin. 🙂

Day 4.. It was very good, face was so much better and skin got softer. It kind of showed me why I started in the first place.  But.. at night when I got home from work and wanted to get my movie going and relax a bit, I got really angry and couldn’t stand this raw-vegan lifestyle anymore, I thought that this is not for me, it’s too much, I miss warm food and so on.. I ate big bowl of salad and started to feel better. 😀

Day 5, my facial skin is even more clearer and it was healing from breakouts. I feel more lighter and less hungry, but I kind of feel like I don’t have enough energy, I guess it was from hard day at work. Still my mind keeps telling me that this may not work for me and I want to go vegan, not raw, so I could eat cooked veggies tonight. 😀 Ha ha, no, I have to get through this challenge, and I will do it!  But still I feel like I miss more flavor in my meals, breakfast smoothies are perfect for me, fresh fruit on lunch is ok as well, but for savory dinner I feel like I would enjoy something more spicy, salty or something a bit different. Anyway, half way is already done! Yay!

Hoping to see more positive changes in next 5 days!

Thank you for reading!


Linda xx



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