FullyRaw – Vegan Reset Day 2

Day 2 !

In the morning I felt good, had more energy than I expected, so I decided to go attend morning pilates class.. and that class of course had to be on more difficult level as it usual is. 😀 But it was so good, loved it!

About overall feeling I must say that I already saw some changes such as – I was less hungry, I felt like I have more energy, I felt lighter and my mind was more peaceful. At the evening I felt a little bit dizzy again, but I didn’t have any head aches. Yay!

Still I miss my morning coffee, but I guess that’s just my thing, I love it and I will never say goodbye to it. For now I’m good with teas and those delicous morning smoothies – they are perfect for me, because sometimes I don’t want to eat anything so ealry in the morning.

On Day 2 it still was unusual for me to see so huge portions of food. I just couldn’t get all of that food in my mouth, when I felt satisfied I just decided to say stop.  In this food plan we have 2000 kcal per day and every meal is selected carefully, so I guess I am a bit under suggested kcals, I don’t know if it is ok, but I need to lose weight as well so maybe it isn’t that bad.

Anyway, I’m already excited for next day and what changes will it bring.

Thank you for reading!


Linda xx




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