Christmas treats

I received this beautiful box of Nicolas Vahé tasty treats for Christmas. I am very  happy, thank you my dear colleagues and boss! It is perfectly made for me!

You can check all the goodies that Nicolas Vahé provides here.

Last two years me and my love had road trip around our home country Latvia, to visit all of our lovely family members, every day new city and different celebration with so much food! Loved it! But now we are in Denmark and it is time for new traditions – this year there will be only two of us on Christmas evening. We will cook delicious dinner for ourselves and just enjoy each others company. These goodies will help us enjoy amazing Christmas dinner, I will share all the recipes that I have in mind for Christmas on weekend. Stay tuned!

But now about those little thingies inside the box !

We will try out jams :

  • strawberry & mint;
  • passion & coconut; apple,
  • lemon & ginger;
  • fig.

Two kinds of chocolates : white chocolate with goji berries, dark chocolate with liqourice and chili. For such chocolate lover as I am it is hard to keep these little bars until Christmas.

We have salty Whole grain snacks with mixed seeds as well, I guess they will be great starter with orange liver pate, that I like to make in Christmas season, yum! And it will go well with Spicy Ratatouille that was in box. Can’t wait to try it!

I love that in the gift box they had simple spices such as Salt & Pepper mix for everyday use, and that is really the best that I could get, because we use this combo for almost every meal and recipe! I have to refill my spice shelf with these two very often.

In this gift box they have thought about nice beverages as well. For us – two lemonade addicts and enthusiasts – it is perfect! We have bubbly Rhubarb & Raspberry lemonade! And for Ingus there is Xmas beer with cinnamon & bitter orange, I will definitely try it as well. But I prefer red wine more, that was also inside the gift box.

So much good things to try! I think you can imagine how hard it is to look at all these goodies every day knowing that I have to be more patient and wait till Christmas.

I hope you will enjoy looking at these beauties and that will inspire you to maybe try something new for Christmas as well.

Enjoy this beautiful Holiday season, share more love, appreciate your life, your lover, your family, your friends, colleagues and strangers you meet!  Be thankful and smile even you think that there is no reason to do that. It is most beautiful time of the year!

Lots of love,

Linda xx


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